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Rebellious Millionaires

We are an online financial freedom focused community founded and spear headed by Rutherford Orlean-Banks to provide education and coaching on how to escape society’s fake and illusionary world of job security and step into the real world where there are limitless opportunities to express yourself and utilize your creative prowess into building your dream life.

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Rutherford Orlean-Banks



Forex Trading Mentorship

Join the MAYBACH FOREX ACADEMY Full Program for lifetime access to a structured online mentorship, a focused student community on Discord, unlimited one-on-one coaching sessions, and live Q&A group sessions. The program includes emotional support during your trading journey. However, be aware of the risks: trading is risky, losses are common, and there are no guarantees of specific results. This program is not suitable for everyone, so ensure you understand the potential for financial loss. Trading is not for everyone.

Join for $499.00 for 3 Months

The Prosperity Parley

Schedule a meeting with investor Maybach for a unique chance to discuss your financial life struggles and self development challenges and goals. In this one on one session, he’ll offer a tailored plan, philosophy and a practical roadmap to guide you towards escaping the system and achieving financial independence, drawing on his wealth of experience in overcoming systemic barriers to wealth and prosperity. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a journey towards your ideal life and financial freedom with maybach’s expertise.

Book for $29.99 per Session

Smart Money Investing Club

The Maybach Investing Club is solely headed by Rutherford Orlean Banks. With over 9 years of experience under his belt the investing club is open for all who want to specifically learn about investing and get access to his personal stock and crypto picks to invest in.

This is a highly exclusive school where we learn how to invoke the financial gods to work in our favor. In a world where the traditional school system has been used to program the masses n sell them into slavery n lifetime corporate bondage, Rebellious millionaires Limited is bringing the Smart Money University to groom and raise highly conscious thinkers n financially smart people capable of beating the traditional system and achieving financial freedom on their own.

In this exclusive school, we’ll teach you how to escape the slave mind and the entire rigged system in order to take total control of your own life. We’ll teach you the financial blueprints that’ll lead to living in the real world and not the illusionary world they sold to you by traditional schooling. All you have to do is to subscribe to be a member of this school and let’s achieve greatness together.

Join for Only $49.99 Monthly

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Rebellious Millionaires is an online community focused on grooming people to become financial market traders’ and investor and to help them achieve total financial independence. We are based in Accra, Ghana.

Rutherford Orlean-Banks is an award winning financial market trader, investor and personal finance coach.

We have a wide range of experienced Traders n financial gurus who are willing to serve you and give you the best value for your money.

We have a wide range of experienced Traders and financial gurus who are willing to serve you and give you the best value for your money.

Trading is a lifetime skill that requires a lifetime commitment so the period of growth varies from person to person.